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Formerly RoxArts & REAP 

We are now Mobius: Arts + Science for all

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RoxArts began as a partnership of the Roxboro Elementary School PTA and school leadership under the name “Roxboro Enrichment Arts Program” or REAP.


Its mission has grown to support not only the students in the original school, but ALL the Cleveland Heights-University Heights (CH-UH) city school district elementary and middle schools.

RoxArts supports enrichment opportunities to introduce all students, K-8th grade, to a variety of forms of creative expression across the CH-UH school district. 


Recognizing the power of arts in education, together we seek to promote curriculum-integrated creative expression opportunities that have the power to build self-confidence, cultural and historical understanding, and improve cognition of core concepts.

Supporting the unique culture of each school, projects may vary from school to school, and classroom to classroom. Projects that directly connect to identified curriculum themes, strands and topics are given highest priority.

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