RoxArts' Tiger Nation Fund

RoxArts began as a partnership of the Roxboro Elementary School PTA and school leadership under the name “Roxboro Enrichment Arts Program” or REAP.


Its mission has grown to support not only the students in the original school, but ALL the Cleveland Heights-University Heights city school district elementary and middle schools.

RoxArts' Tiger Nation Fund, A Creative Arts and Sciences Fund, supports enrichment opportunities to introduce all students, K-8th grade, to a variety of forms of creative expression across the CH-UH school district. 


Recognizing the power of arts in education, together we seek to promote curriculum-integrated creative expression opportunities that have the power to build self-confidence, cultural and historical understanding, and improve cognition of core concepts.

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Upcoming Events

Special End-of-Year Online Arts Program for Middle Schoolers


Who: Hal Walker - How I Blew up on TikTok as a Musician  

When: Tuesday, May 26, 2020 11am - 11:30am

How: Join with Google Meet

RoxArts and Tiger Nation presents an "End of the Year Fun at Home" program for Monticello and Roxboro middle-schoolers.


Hal Walker is a Kent-based musician who specializes in musical instruments that fit in your pocket. He plays instruments and creates sounds that you've probably never heard before.

Last fall, after an assembly for middle-schoolers, a 6th grader asked, "Are you on TikTok?" Mr. Walker said, "No" and the 6th grader replied, "You should be!" He went home and downloaded the app.

Today, he has 50,000 followers on TikTok and offers a unique page of wholesome, original content. He creates amazingly modern sounds on ancient instruments from around the world.

Join Hal for a one-of-a-kind interactive performance and lesson in how to express the unique music that is within each of us.

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